Wednesday, December 10, 2008

bladen plays piano

So mush has been going on. we just moved into a new house i hate it but it will do. we just got back from bladens first paino recital it was reall nice. bladen did suh a good job he says music is like math it just so easy. that makes me laugh he dosent practis as much as i would like but still dose really well. grandpa and grandma McKinaly came with us and then we went to mcdonalds for a treat. it was so funny to watch his little head keeping time him and dad really had to work an that hes alwas in such a hurry bladen really seems to have a talent for music i was verry suprised to find he had composed a song on my cell phon that he called moms song it made me cry and now is my ring tone to remimnd me how blessed i am to have bladen in my life he has such a pure soul thathe can bring you to tears with the kind things he dose and his concern for everyone else if there was ever a child like bladen i think the world would be a better place

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Mrs. Jones said...

Wish I could have been there! Hope you like your Christmas cards! I think they are so cute.