Wednesday, December 10, 2008

bladen plays piano

So mush has been going on. we just moved into a new house i hate it but it will do. we just got back from bladens first paino recital it was reall nice. bladen did suh a good job he says music is like math it just so easy. that makes me laugh he dosent practis as much as i would like but still dose really well. grandpa and grandma McKinaly came with us and then we went to mcdonalds for a treat. it was so funny to watch his little head keeping time him and dad really had to work an that hes alwas in such a hurry bladen really seems to have a talent for music i was verry suprised to find he had composed a song on my cell phon that he called moms song it made me cry and now is my ring tone to remimnd me how blessed i am to have bladen in my life he has such a pure soul thathe can bring you to tears with the kind things he dose and his concern for everyone else if there was ever a child like bladen i think the world would be a better place

Thursday, August 28, 2008

just another day

To day was one of those really long days. Some times my job can really get to me. Im glad that i have the next few days off and can spend them with my chikades. tomarrow is going to be all bought cleaning the house. So im sitting here with dugan hes working on his movie busness some one placed a big order and hell drive me nuts till he gets it sant out. the kids are all in bed and its nice. i thought that with school starting i wouldnt be so busy but i was wrong.

This is my little man Bladen just turned 8 and no longer my little boy hes ready to be grown up and is a big help to me takeing care of his little sister hes going to be a wonderful big brother to her

bladen was baptised this month. it ment so much to him and is very involved in church actvties dugan and i are both so proud of him.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brand new blogger

Harmony thought that i needed to blog. I am a mom of three beautiful children, Two boys and my little girl. I work in the Walmart Vision Center and love my job and children. Dugan and I have been together for 10 years and have been married for 7. We have lived all over the country from Jacksonville FL to Oak Harbor WA. now we live in Idaho Falls ID.

Bladen is our oldest child he just turned 8 and was just baptised and is in the second grade. He is a very Gifted child and my greatest joy.

Riley is Dugans mothers curse once she told Dugan that she hoped that he had a son just like him. He just turned 5 and started kindergarten this week. His smile will melt your heart and we love him very much though he is my greatest challenge.

Kahlan is her daddy's little girl she is a beautiful child with a wild streak she just turned 2 and is out to drive her mom nuts i cant wait till shes 5.